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The Silver Ferns

The Silver Ferns have long been recognized as one of the premier netball teams worldwide. Representing New Zealand since 1938, they have garnered multiple international titles – including three consecutive World Championships – since their inception. This article will provide an overview of this legendary team and discuss their success as one of the powerhouses on an international stage; from their early beginnings up until today’s prominent place among global competition teams. We will look back on how the Silver Ferns came to become what they are today.

Auckland Netball

Netball is an immensely popular sport in Auckland, New Zealand. From grassroots to elite level competitions, this city provides an expansive variety of clubs and venues dedicated to netball players of all ages and abilities. If you’re new to netball or looking to join one of Auckland’s clubs or venues for some top-level action this guide provides an overview of Auckland’s finest venues – their history, achievements, playing locations as well as premier tournaments hosted in Auckland! Get ready to discover why netball makes Auckland so exciting!


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